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OnizuProperties Home Page

OnizuProperties is a family run business that works with the UK’s largest property investment networks to increase our own buying power and reduce the costs, time and stress of purchasing properties.

In short, we have direct access to a large stock of properties. As we cannot personally buy them all due to cash constraints, credit limits and the ever changing mortgage criteria, we have found ourselves in the unique position of being able to source these fantastic investment opportunities on to other investors.

Who do we help?

The short answer…“People Just like you!”

  • Novice Investors – People with little to no experience/knowledge of Property investing.
  • Intermediate Investors – Armchair/casual investors with some knowledge of investing and a small portfolio they are looking to expand.
  • Cash Rich/Time Poor Investors – Busy Professionals that have the funds in place, but don’t have the time to search for good investment property.

In this economic climate it is clear that the ‘job for life’ philosophy of the past is no longer applicable. Job security, pension plans and the annual holiday abroad are becoming more and more scarce.

Even the poorest of the poor can’t escape the inevitable change that is upon us. It is clear that if you want a life of choice, the freedom to do as you please without having to worry about bills, or how your going to afford to pay for next months rent/shopping/car repair/school clothes/tuition fees/etc then something has to change.

If you are at a point where you are fed up of being the victim of circumstance, tired of living a life of fear, exhausted from being pushed around by life and you truly want to start living a life of abundance instead of always dreaming about it, then its time that you embraced change.

Call us on 07983 551 584 NOW!

How can we help?

Having attended numerous professional training programs and combining that with years of our own personal investing experience, we implement the very latest strategies to source great investment properties.


  • Find properties that produce a passive income of £100 – £500 every month.
  • Mainly focus in Plymouth, Bristol and London but have investment opportunities nation wide.
  • Have facilities in place to take you through the entire property purchase from end to end.
  • Have lists of both qualified and un-qualified leads for sale.
  • Work with reputable Estate/Letting Agents to help sell your house fast or find you tenants quick.
  • Have a team of Solicitors that can help provide creative solutions to help you own/control property.
  • Have a team of Brokers that can help find the best mortgage product for your situation/strategy.
  • Have a access to a whole host of other creative financing solutions to your individual needs.

If your interested in one of our great investment opportunities then either call 07983 551 584 NOW, contact us via the link at the bottom of this page or subscribe to our newsletter by filling out your details in the sign up page under the Home tab at the top of this page right NOW!

Please also feel free to check out our blog which is full of interesting topics and articles.